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guangzhou jinse arts supplies co.,ltd

we upply various types of fireworks ,such as cake fireworks,holiday handhold fireworks,sparklers fireworks,stage silver spring fireworks,smokeless and tasteless fireworks,stage waterfall fireworks,cyclone wheels firewroks,jewel flower fireworks etc
our produce factory locate at Liuyang where the hometown of fireworks in Hunan province of China .we manufacture and supply all kinds of fireworks to the customer at home and in abroad.our products has passed the ISO9001certification earlier at 20c 90years.and we always offer the high quality and safe fireworks to the hotel industry , entertainment industry,celebration company , holiday gifts & decoration company ,festival toys etc

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Country: China
City: guangzhou
Address: binjiang east road
Phone: + 86 (020) 31857917
Mobile phone: + 86 (020) 31857917
Fax: + 86 (020) 87046759
Contact person: teresa

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